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Safety MeetingsTPC has always had a strong ongoing commitment to safety, standards, and technologies that improve the overall construction process. This allows us to provide reliable utility construction solutions which minimally impact the local environment and surrounding communities.

Safe working environments and the prevention of work related injuries has always been the single most important element of any TPC project, safety is given precedence over productivity. TPC provides its employees with the latest mechanical and physical equipment required for the safe and effective completion of our projects. The main objective of the TPC "Safety Program" is to ensure that work related injuries are prevented by ongoing safety practices. Our goal is zero accidents and injuries!

All TPC employees are required to participate in the companys safety meetings which are held every three (3) weeks. The purpose of these meetings is to provide current safety program guidelines, and to also address any employee safety concerns. Whenever a new practice or procedure is introduced into the work place it is thoroughly reviewed by TPC management to ensure adherence to the existing safety guidelines.

TPC believes that the best way to create a safer work place is to study industry wide statistics concerning accidents and worker compensation complaints. TPC project supervisors are responsible for inspecting the work areas daily, and also to observe for any unsafe practices while the employees work. Each employee is responsible for inspecting their own work place each day, and If an employee finds a hazard or danger, it is their duty to inform the project supervisors of the condition immediately.

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Tee Pee Contractors consistently receives the Safety Award from The Ohio Casualty Group.

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